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Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute 20th National Convention - 2016

The Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute conducted its 20th National Convention in Darling Harbour, Sydney in May 2016. All attendees received their Trade Licence as well as learning the latest in cleaning technologies that keeps them at the pinnacle of the carpet cleaning trade. New technologies exclusive to ACCI members include chemicals, equipment and practices that conform to a sustainable cleaning systems ideology ensuring that all technicians are at the cutting edge of quality cleaning outcomes.

Long term ACCI member, John Coombe of Superb Professional Carpet Cleaning, Tailem Bend is an excellent example of regional technicians proving that they are as highly  qualified and professional as any in the industry. 

John with ACCI Directors Leo & Annie Powell


Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) Mini Convention - 2014

John recently attended the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) Mini Convention in May 2014, to learn about the latest developments in environmentally sustainable carpet and upholstery cleaning practices.

ACCI mini convention 2014
John is pictured here with CEO Leo Powell from ACCI.


Superb Professional Carpet Cleaning uses environmentally sustainable cleaning practices in your home or office